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Helping children with sensory integration disorders through occupational therapy.

Sensory integration refers to our brain’s ability to process and organize input from our senses, but also to combine (integrate) them together. This is how we perceive our environment, the people and objects in it, how we relate our body to them, and how they relate to each other. Children with sensory integration disorders are more likely to suffer from social interaction dysfunction. They may be unable to interact with others in a variety of situations in acceptable ways. You may notice:

  • Poor listening skills
  • Poor communication skills and excessive talking
  • Poor focus and attention
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch (an innocent brush feels like an attack)
  • Poor physical coordination and play skills
  • Low self-esteem
  • Frequent interruption or intruding on others
  • Poor writing skills
  • Inability to sit still in class 
  • Difficulty accepting changes
  • Defiance, stubbornness, outbursts of temper, and aggression
  • Misunderstanding directions in relation to movement

With the right treatment, they can be helped.

With expert help from our experienced and highly trained occupational therapists who are certified in Sensory Integration and Praxis Testing, your child can overcome their challenges. We use intensity treatment models and sensory integrative interventions to alleviate these symptoms.

Instead of the impersonal treatment you and your child might receive from a larger institution, we deliver highly personalized care and build relationships with children and families that last through high school and college. We also work with schools and teachers to increase awareness of sensory integration disorders.

To learn how we can help your child and learn more about the many therapeutic services available at Focus on Kids Too, call us today.

Let our board-certified specialists help your child overcome sensory integration disorders. Call 847-412-9772 or fill out our online Request an Appointment to schedule your free telephone consultation with our board-certified pediatric occupational therapistsSe habla español!