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A number of complementary and alternative therapies, such as the "Wilbarger protocol" (commonly called "brushing"), have been developed to treat children with Sensory Processing Disorder. The Wilbarger protocol, craniosacral manipulation, acupuncture, and other alternative and complementary therapies may have a role within a comprehensive treatment program. However, research has not yet confirmed their effectiveness. These and all therapies should be used only by a qualified therapist and should never be used as stand-alone techniques or by anyone who has not received specific training in the method.

We offer a simple and proven method for teaching handwriting. Our program is developmentally based to progress children from prekindergarten-level skills through printing and cursive writing. The program has demonstrated itself to be very effective for children with special handwriting needs. It meets their needs based on their individual learning styles.

In the future, effectiveness research will verify whether these techniques provide valuable enhancements to traditional therapy programs. In the meantime, isolated treatments are not a substitute for sound research-based treatment and comprehensive family-centered intervention.

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